Wally Rachmaciej — We Will Miss You!!!!

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Winston Churchill wrote, “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give”.

Wally Rachmaciej has given much to us at Something Different Linen and his customers, as he was making a living. He has shared laughter, friendship, advice and great service to his customer, some of which now call him friend.

Wally came to Something Different linen after 40 years in the garment industry. Mitchell Smith went to work for Health Tex fresh out of college, Wally became is road warrior mentor showing him the ropes as he introduced him to the world of sales.  They traveled the states and forged a friendship that has lasted all these many years.

This November Wally will retire from his official job, and start a new life adventure.  Wally will now have time to share with his beautiful daughters, wonderful grandchildren, lovely wife and his new IPad.

Something Different Linen will miss his tireless work, passion for customer service and his many talents; he so easily shared with our company and all our employees.

Wally thank you for everything we wish you the best you will be missed!

Artflex — Our New Heat Transfer Product!!!

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Something Different Linen introduced a new heat transfer product! Artflex can be printed on a wide variety of fabrics and colors. We can print metallic and puff transfers that are machine washable, abrasion resistant and pliable. This new printing capability is great for logo tablecloths, pillows, runners and chair back covers….let our sales people help you Flex your creative ideas to make your next event spectacular.

For Events:

These chair covers introduced at Special Event in Nashville….are for events. Our Digitally printed bird chair back covers with multi colored feathers were hatched when I received a challenge from one of my customers doing the event for the opening of a new wing at a local zoo. Our artists went to work finding some of the coolest birds and created the art that is showcased on the back of these covers. The feathers are just simple boas purchased on line and of course what’s a girl without some bling so I added the Swarovski crystals to the peacock.  Some great new graffiti pillows in chenille fabrics also made the show booth interesting with plenty of new things to show off.  Special Event turned out to be a success.

Geometrics are In.

Following the trends….Prints are in, laces are back and Damask wovens are making a huge comeback.

Something Different introduced at the ARA show in Orlando this year..Palermo a soft damask pattern,available now in stock 135”wide Itlian woven damask, colors are white, ivory, pecan shell, antique gold, black, dove and chocolate. We also offer a 100% polyester linen a perfect napkin for all your wedding, and corporate events. All the beauty and look of a linen with the washability of a polyester.  Check out our other wide 100% polyester damask…introduced last year Biltmore, Othello, Lily and Mosaic…great colors and patterns.


New print Niko joins our extensive collection of geometrics in our Insta-linen line of patterns, Chevrons, Hitched, After Eight and many more.   Remember take the insta-linen advantage…printed  on any of our polyester fabrics including our Mandarin faux silk allows you to create your own fabric for your next event. Niko is available in navy and gray.


Something Different shines in the Boardroom!!

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BoardRoom Magazine 2011

As we know, supplier and consultants are the backbone of the private clubs industry, because without their products and services, private clubs would find it extremely difficult to meet the needs and wants of their club members…in fact; everything would likely come to a standstill.

So there’s no better way to recognize the suppliers, consultants and educators for their accomplishments and fine contributions to the private club industry than the peer-recognized BoardRoom Awards.

The BoardRoom magazine “Excellence in Achievement” Awards is the only private club industry award that recognizes the clubs’ business partners.

Something Different Linen has been a supplier to the country clubs for over twenty years. The country club industry has helped us transition from a party supplier to a napery manufacturer. From my first industry show I listened to the club managers and used their knowledge to help guide in creating and increasing our line to support the needs of the clubs. Something Different Linen is proud to be the recipient of this award.

Travel blog – La Isla del Encanto

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Visiting La Isla del Encanto, Puerto Rico is always a wonderful treat. Working with customers in Puerto Rico is like going home, customers are friends waiting for you with cold water or a good cup of coffee.

My first day is busy. Driving in the metropolitan area San Juan is a challenge. This small island is insane with traffic worse than anything you have ever experienced in LA. Puerto Rico has some of the narrowest streets know to man, women or beast. My last stop is a party house and between the selling and the hugs we catch up on all our personal business as well working the line. They never made it to the ARA show this year so this is perfect for them, I pull out all the new items, chevron, hitched, raw and the new polyester burlap… the green burlap is perfect color and texture to match some sheers she just purchased. It’s 8:30pm before I’m headed to the hotel. I check into the Marriott Courtyard on Isla Verde for the first time that day and it is late, but not to worry the lobby is popping salsa music is working its way into my blood stream and soon enough I have bowl of Yucca soup and Puerto Rico water bread…..awesome. Who is tried, dirty and sweaty not me.

Next day I drive to the other side of the Island Fajardo and spend the entire day showing our new line of Othello, Biltmore and the new Milliken Bistro style napkin. The 18×22 is sleek and good looking, perfect on a wooden farm table or everyday dining in your restaurant. The White stripe napkin is reminiscent of the famous Caribbean shirts “Guayabera” the look is very well received. Another late night, but again fun and invigorating, it was a mixed bag today of hotels, country clubs and rental houses. Everyone loves the wide pin tuck at 118 no more seams on the table, the 100% polyester makes washing this tried and true item a breeze. Event planners really love the lava in the wet color, good look for under the sea first night events. Everyone had some really good ideas and it made the day go smoothly knowing that some of these new items would turn out to be good additions to our line. Another late night finished off with rice, red beans tostones and chicken stew….just like Grandma always made.

Third day finds me in Caguas, I’m always convinced I can travel the entire Island in three days, crazy. I went through five small towns some of them only 15 miles apart but still it took the entire day, right into 6:30. Another wonderful day of business… I drank coffee at every stop, I’m so high on caffeine… I decide to stop at Plaza Las Americas “great mall”. This stop allows me some time to walk after all day in the car I need the exercise…plus it’s home to my favorite Chinese restaurant. I can get something to eat and pick up a charger for my computer. My charger is somewhere between Newark and San Juan, all I know it’s not in my briefcase. Good finish to a great day, stopped at the candy store in old San Juan.

My last day on the Island brings heavy rains in the morning but a dry early afternoon and everything smells amazing…you can taste the air. I continued to work until 4pm, pick up a cold drink at the Courtyard bar sit at the beach and fill out all my sample paperwork. I will be busy with all the follow up. Taking home a bottle of chocolate coquito, I’m thinking Cocotini on the rocks.


Travel Blog – National Restaurant Show

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Like in Fred Fisher’s famous song, published in 1922…..Bet your bottom dollar you lose your blues
in Chicago….I land at O’Hare and feel like I can run around visiting every new and old restaurant in
town….as well as every shoe store on Michigan avenue….this is still one of my favorite towns to visit and work in.
Working the National Restaurant show is always a challenge. It is a four day show that opens  at 9:30am and closing at 5pm, the crowds start early and leave late. McCormick Center spreads the show throughout 3 halls and as a visitor you can find everything from fresh coffee to the latest bed bug sniffing dog.  Some of the best chefs in the world walk the show and some are available for book signing, guest speaking, and this year they even offered a tour to Rick Bayless’s  herb garden.  The food sampling at the show is a major draw, everything from organic teas, to fresh sushi not a good show if you are watching your weight. By now you are probably wondering what this has to do with linens, nothing really except for that fact that someday before I retire I will include zeppole frying in the booth.


We did showcase many of our new fabrics; ten colors in polyester burlap….the denim color is a terrific color,  raw a semi-sheer fabric “great for chair backs”  raw is available in rich earth tones.  Biltmore damask comes in five colors,  the saffron

was shown with a hemstitch mango napkin and pumpkin Signature. Saffron has  touches of lime and a splashes of orange making a traditional damask a trendy fashion statement.  Mosaic and Othello,  geometric brocades great for overlays in traditional colors, are now in stock and ready to ship.  Something Different has also added colors to our Smats, the PVC placemat, runners and tray liners can be seen on our site. For other placemat fabrics and styles Signature fabric  in both double needle and fused make great mats as well as the fused  Lattice.  We also introduced Milliken’s bistro style 18×22 napkin, available in black, blue, red and white….a Signature Plus fabric.

Till the next time….Thanks for visiting our site and reading my ramblings, I’m off to Puerto Rico.

Travel Blog — Club Managers Show in San Diego

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After landing in San Diego and defrosting in our hotel room, It was a good lesson always pack a rain coat and when in doubt leave the shorts home.

Diane and I hit the road to visit some new customers and had the opportunity to introduce new hotel properties to our vast line of linens. The new Lily damask was well received and sampled heavily to be used in some banquet rooms for the new wedding season. It’s always a great way to test your new line by bringing it to your customers so it can be seen live and on their tables. I love the dog and pony show….favorite way to sell. 3 days on the road, one day to set up our booth….we always manage to bring everything but the kitchen sink so it’s always a challenge to set the booth up so it’s inviting and shows a little bit of everything we have to offer.

We stocked our booth with new items, and many of our long running products of solid Milliken Signature, Majestic Damask and Scuba stretch banquet cloth option for any country club setting. Our new Biltmore damask is a great addition to our line, it’s a traditional damask available in fashion forward tones as well as earth tones, blacks and burgundy. The new Othello with it’s wonderful geometric look, show cased with our Gold Quarry for a smashing color combination sure to warm up any room. We were happy with the booth and the show had a wonderful turn out….it will  keep us busy for the next few months with follow up and samples.

Before I took off to Las Vegas and the ARA show, I was honored to accept an award from The Boardroom magazine for linen provider of the year. Thank you Boardroom and thank you Club Managers.

I should land in Vegas by 1am off to ARA I go.

Travel Blog 2013 – The Special Event Show in Chicago

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Special Event Show - Chicago

The 2013 show season started with a bang. The Special Event show this year was held in the windy city…Chicago by far one of my favorite places to visit. Everything from some the best restaurants, to a great walking city, that it is Chicago, it never disappoints. This year’s Special Event was also a great success. The attendee traffic was up and the energy in the special event industry was high with expectation of a good year for everyone.

This is one of my favorite shows; it allows me to meet new customers catch up with old friends and colleagues. The opening night party was a Chicago gangster theme with gambling, live music and a piano bar, the event was a fun time. My favorite food station was of course the desert bar.  And it would not be “traveling with Ari” if something didn’t go wrong, so I penciled in 30 minutes of elevator time with 40 of my industry friends.  Once we were able to pry the doors open, it was party time!

Something Different this year highlighted its print capabilities and how they fit into the party and event world. We featured stock patterns from wild tropical’s, new geometrics and traditional florals. We also offered printed themed pillows, scuba table forms. We also brought back an old friend, printed tissue lame.  Our new prints in the chevrons and block prints will be available in March but can be seen on our website – insta-linen.

If trend setting colors are on your purchase list this year, please see our Mandarin Satin, Poly-bengaline moire and our Bamboo. These fabrics are available in the 2013 spring fashion colors….emerald, violet, yellow, blues and oranges. The show was a great sounding board for customers to tell me what they are most interested and what their needs are, so they can have a successful year.

Coming home, I had a 3 hour delay at O’Hare. Not a problem. I was able to catch up on my People magazine while relaxing at the bar with a tall vodka and balancing a deep dish pizza on my knees…a souvenir for my husband.

Next month, off to San Diego for the Country Club show!


Happy New Year from Something Different Linen!

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With 2012 now behind us we charge forward into 2013 with the expectation of having a prosperous and productive New Year!  SDL wishes our customers, prospective customers and vendors a happy and a healthy New Year! Our sleeves are rolled up, the factories are clean; our new website is online, and we’re ready to charge ahead!

The industry show season kicks off in January, so please see Aracelis’s travel schedule. She will be on the road to meet customers old and new and she will be ready to discuss projects going forward.  Ari has new products to show and is looking forward to meeting with you.

Made in the USA is important to us and our customers. We are one of only nine distributors capable of providing you with Milliken Napery fabrics.  Milliken has set the mark for quality and color fastness. Milliken can be a great choice for your rental company or facility. The upfront costs might be marginally more but the return on your investment will far surpass the imports.  Please ask Ari about Milliken Signature, Visa and HD products!

We have invested heavily in our print operation, giving us the ability to print textiles up to ten feet wide without seams. We are also printing vinyl static cling and a host of other substrates that lend themselves to the most creative party producer. We are making custom pillows, curtains, napkins and tablecloths. Please contact us for more information and samples.

For the last 25 years we have put great emphasis on contract cutting and sewing. We are comfortable receiving your fabric and working with you to create patterns and cutting and sewing your finished products. We can also inventory your fabric and cut and sew your finished items in an organized and timely manner.

Thank you!



Mitchell Smith

Something Different Linen, Inc.