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Milliken Linen Fabric & Napery


Milliken linen out performs all other types of fabric in terms of value and durability. Milliken fabrics are made from 100% polyester rather than cotton, enabling them to last much longer than spun cotton blends, while maintaining its quality. The high-tech polyester material used in constructing Milliken napery adds to its highly stain resistant, wrinkle resistant, and colorfast qualities. These products are well suited for the restaurant and hospitality industries because they can be used and laundered a multitude of times in a commercial environment before ever wearing out. Here at Something Different Linen, we carry a wide assortment of Milliken linen in a variety of patterns and colors; including Milliken table linen and table cloths, Milliken napkins, and much more Milliken napery products. Please browse below to explore our selection.

Milliken Table Linen & Table Cloths

Milliken table linens are the most cost effective and cutting edge fabrics out on the market today. Milliken tablecloths are made from made of 100% polyester, like all Milliken fabrics, and are crafted for maximum longevity, wrinkle resistance, stain resistance, and colorfastness. For you, that means a much longer shelf life with significantly fewer stains along the way.

Milliken Napkins

Milliken linen napkins are innovative in that they feel as soft as cotton while actually being designed from polyester. Therefore, they offer increased performance and their longevity helps boost your bottom line. In addition, Milliken’s Signature Napkins line, provide just the right touch of elegance and sophistication while also improving upon its stain release properties. They are capable of being washed at very high water temperatures without diminishing any of the quality. If you are in the market for premier table linens and napkins, Milliken linen is a must-buy!

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